The life is in your hands. But you know to make it better than it is?


Thanks for waking me up. Yes, you, little Lucky. At 4 a.m. , it wasn’t the perfect way to wake up someone. And now my sweet hamster, because of you I can’t go to sleep, even if I’d like to do this. ‘Cause I can never know if you will like to escape again so..I have to take care.

Well… I realise that I’ve missed a lot of nights like wake up in the middle of the night and after that to waste your time with no reason is really nice. It’s relaxing to have time, time for you, to can think at no matter what, maybe to put order in your mind, or, I don’t know, just to stay, to know that you have nothing else to do. And, moreover, I think that it’s something else to stay in the middle of the night than to stay in the middle of the day. ‘Cause, let’s think serious. You will always find something to do, and, maybe in a whole day you can’t find at least 10 minutes to relax and get rid of stress. While, at night it’s different. You don’t have to cook, to work, to clean or something else. And now, with noone else in the room, just me, with my thoughts, it’s interesting. I can just relax with some good music, or why not, whithout music, I can think at all the things that I want. And, I have to admit that I really needed a break, ‘cause I think this is the perfect word for this night. Break. Break from everything. And now I feel better. I think I have more energy, more power to start again to face the life.

I think we all need some breaks like mine today. ‘Cause, really, we have to admit that sometimes it’s all we need. To have a little time to put your thoughts in order, time for us, just for us, for nothing else, no matter what.


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