The life is in your hands. But you know to make it better than it is?

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Azi e ziua mea, rad cu pofta si se ia <3 !

[Timpul trece, ma lasa rece / Pe dinauntru am ramas la feeel]

Finally, that’s your birthday, right? Is so strange this feeling, maybe unknown for you…am I right? Well…I think that yes.. Now the words „birthday” or „happiness” have another meaning. You never thought that this could be real, that you can have all that you’ve dreamed of. But honey, don’t forget. That’s not a dream anymore. That’s the reality now. ….But..that’s another thing that you have to remember. You have to fight to keep this dream turned into reality. ‘Cause honey, you have just one chance to do something, and …time never goes back!