The life is in your hands. But you know to make it better than it is?

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You are the reason that I smile !

And… you know something.. you know how beautiful it’s to be happy, to smile without certain reason, just thinking of him. And you know what’s the most beautiful thing? Now you know how it is to feel loved. Yes, you’ve found the right word. You give love. You receive love. That’s amazing. The most beautiful feeling of the world. have noticed something? He’s the only person who really changed you. You’ve noticed this? You’re different now. Now you have a reason to go on, to leave all the bad things behind, to start a new life. are so lucky, right? Now you have all, yes, you have all that you need!


Ma gandesc la tine, la mine, la noi doi si fara sa vreau zambesc ♥  !